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Audi Q3: Infotainment system

Audi Q3 2018-2023 Owner's Manual / Infotainment system




Applies to: vehicles with telephone You can operate various telephone functions easily through the MMI in your vehicle. Depending on the country and the vehicle equipment, the following options may b


Connecting a mobile phone via Bluetooth Applies to: vehicles with telephone Requirement: the vehicle must be stationary and the ignition must be switched on. The Bluetooth settings must be open on you


 Cooling system

Coolant The engine cooling system is filled with a mixture of purified water and coolant additive at the factory. This coolant must not be not changed. The coolant level is monitored using the indicator light. However, you should occasionally check the coolant level. Messages The following messag

 Engine oil

If the engine oil level is too low Fig. 147 Engine oil sticker Engine oil viscosity Engine oil standard If you need to add engine oil, use an oil that meets the engine oil standard listed on the sticker fig. 147. The sticker with the specified standard is located in the front of the engine co

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