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Audi Q3: Bluetooth audio player

Applies to: vehicles with Bluetooth audio player

With the Bluetooth audio player, you can play music wirelessly through the MMI from your Bluetooth-capable mobile device (such as a cell phone).

Requirement: the vehicle must be stationary and the ignition must be switched on. The Bluetooth settings will open on your mobile device during the connection setup. The Bluetooth function and visibility of the MMI and mobile device must be switched on.

Connecting a mobile device

  • Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: MEDIA > Source > Connect external device > New connection. The available Bluetooth devices will be displayed after several seconds.
  • Press on the desired mobile device in the list of displayed Bluetooth devices.
  • To update the list, press .

A PIN for a secure Bluetooth connection will be generated.

  • Confirm the PIN on your mobile device.

After connecting successfully, the mobile device will be displayed in the Connected devices menu as a Bluetooth audio player.


  • Check for any connection requests on your Bluetooth device.
  • Multiple Bluetooth audio players can be paired with the MMI, but only one at a time can be active as a Bluetooth audio player.
  • The supported media functions (such as shuffle, list view, categories, search, options) depend on the Bluetooth device being used.
  • Note the volume setting on your Bluetooth device. Audi recommends setting your mobile device to the maximum volume when using it as a Bluetooth audio player.
  • A selection of supported Bluetooth devices can be found in the database for tested mobile devices at


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