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Audi Q3: General information

There may be different media sources and connections available depending on the vehicle equipment. For example, you can play media files using a connected USB drive or connect your mobile devices to the USB ports with charging function and operate them through the MMI.

Media and format restrictions: the MMI (including the USB storage device connection) was tested with a variety of products and media on the market. However, there may be cases where individual devices/media and media files may not be recognized, may play only with restrictions, or may not play at all.

Restricted functionality: reset the MMI to the factory default settings if functionality is restricted.

Digital Rights Management: please note that the media files are subject to copyright protection.

Files that are protected by DRM and are identified with the symbol will not play.

Data security: never store important information on mobile devices. Audi is not responsible for damaged or lost files and media.

Loading times: the more files/folders/playlists there are on a storage medium, the longer it will take to load. To reduce the amount of time it takes the media files to load, use a storage medium that only contains media files, and create subfolders (for example, for each artist or album).

Additional information: when playing, audio files are automatically displayed with any additional information that is stored (such as the artist, track and album cover). If this information is not available on the medium, the MMI will revert to the local Gracenote metadata database or search online if necessary. See Online additional data. However, in some cases, the additional information may not be displayed.


Read the information about Audi connect, and be sure to note the connectivity costs section in General information.


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