Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Telephone



Applies to: vehicles with telephone You can operate various telephone functions easily through the MMI in your vehicle. Depending on the country and the vehicle equipment, the following options may b


Connecting a mobile phone via Bluetooth Applies to: vehicles with telephone Requirement: the vehicle must be stationary and the ignition must be switched on. The Bluetooth settings must be open on you

 Using the Audi phone box

General information Applies to: vehicles with Audi phone box/Audi phone box light Fig. 123 Front center console: Audi phone box with connections Depending on vehicle equipment, you may be able to use


 Unlocking and locking the vehicle

Fig. 26 Door handle: sensor for locking the vehicle Depending on the vehicle equipment, you may have various options for unlocking and locking your vehicle. The settings in the MMI specify which doors will unlock. Unlocking or locking using the vehicle key buttons To unlock the vehicle, press the

 Checking the engine oil level

The engine oil dipstick varies depending on the engine type. Fig. 148 Oil dipstick (example): checking the engine oil level Observe the safety precautions. Park the vehicle on a level surface. Shut the engine off when it is warm. Wait approximately five minutes so that the engine oil can flow

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