Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Audi connect


 General information

Applies to: vehicles with Audi connect Depending on the country and the vehicle equipment, the following functions may be available:  Audi connect Infotainment  Audi connect vehicle contr

 Audi connect Infotainment

Description Applies to: vehicles with Audi connect Infotainment With Audi connect Infotainment services, online information is transmitted directly to the vehicle. An Internet connection is required

 Audi connect Infotainment services

Configuration Applies to: vehicles with Audi connect Infotainment Some Audi connect Infotainment services must be configured through your personal myAudi account at before using them for


 Panoramic glass roof

Operating the roof and roof sunshade Applies to: vehicles with panoramic glass roof and roof sunshade Fig. 36 Headliner: panoramic glass roof and sunshade buttons The control buttons are equipped with a twostage function. When tilting or opening the roof, the roof sunshade will automatically open

 Side assist

Description Applies to: vehicles with side assist Fig. 110 Driving situations and displays in the exterior mirror General information Side assist monitors the blind spot and traffic behind your vehicle and provides assistance when you are changing lanes. If the system detects an object approaching

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