Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3 (8U) 2011-2018 Service Manual

Audi Q3 (8U) 2011-2018 Service Manual

Service Manual for the first generation of Audi Q3, a subcompact crossover SUV. The car uses the Volkswagen Group A (PQ46) platform of the Volkswagen Passat B6, the same as the Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV.



 Body Exterior

 General, Technical data

Repair Information Wire Routing and Securing When loosening or removing and installing hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical lines, draw sketches or take pictures. This will ensure they are installed


 General information

Regular, proper care helps to maintain your vehicle's value. It can also be a requirement when submitting warranty claims for corrosion damage and paint defects on the body. The required cleaning and care products can be obtained from an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Service Facility. Read a

 Lock Carrier Cover, Removing and Installing, Vehicles through MY 2014

Removing - To remove the expanding clips -arrows-, push the clamping pin -1- carefully to dimension -x- until it clicks into the expanding clip -arrow A-. Dimension -x- = 5 mm - Pull out unlocked expanding clip -2- with the clamping pin. - Remove the lock carrier cove

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