Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Driver assistance


 Cruise control system

Description Applies to: vehicles with cruise control system The cruise control system assists the driver in maintaining a constant speed above approximately 15 mph (20 km/h). The system maintains the

 Adaptive cruise assist

General information Applies to: vehicles with adaptive cruise assist Depending on the vehicle equipment, the adaptive cruise assist may consist of the following functions: Within the limits of the sys


Applies to: vehicles with adaptive cruise assist Fig. 95 Example: vehicle changing lanes and stationary vehicle Fig. 96 Example: driving into a curve In some situations, the adaptive cruise assist f


 Ignition key

Applies to: vehicles with ignition lock Fig. 80 Steering column: ignition lock Starting the engine Press the brake pedal. Insert the ignition key into the ignition lock. Turn the key briefly to position 2. The ignition key automatically returns to position 1. Do not press the accelerator peda

 General information

Applies to : vehicles with personalized user settings Depending on vehicle equipment and your country, your vehicle may be able to manage various users in the MMI. Each user will be assigned the settings that they last used. Before you begin driving, you can select a user in the MMI and load person

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