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Audi Q3: Audi pre sense

Function overview

Applies to: vehicles with Audi pre sense

Within the limits of the system, the Audi pre sense functions can initiate measures in certain driving situations to protect the vehicle occupants and other road users. Depending on the vehicle equipment, various Audi pre sense systems may be installed:

  • Audi pre sense basic can react during emergency and dangerous braking maneuvers and unstable driving situations (such as oversteering or understeering).
  • Audi pre sense front can detect an impending frontal impact and react with warnings, braking interventions, and preemptive safety measures for the vehicle occupants.
  • Audi pre sense rear monitors the rear traffic behind your vehicle and can react to an impending rear impact.

Audi pre sense preemptive safety measures

Applies to: vehicles with Audi pre sense

Depending on the vehicle speed and the vehicle equipment, the following functions may be initiated in certain situations:

  • Visual and audio warnings
  • Reversible tensioning of the front safety belts
  • Closing the windows and panoramic glass roof


Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.


  • Depending on the dangerous situation that is detected and the selected Audi drive select mode, all preemptive safety measures may not be initiated under certain circumstances.

    Certain functions can be adjusted or skipped if necessary.

  • Audi pre sense may also be limited or unavailable under certain circumstances, for example if:
    • There are passengers with unfastened safety belts
    • After turning on the ignition, as long as the indicator light is on.
    • When driving in reverse.
    • The front passenger's airbag is switched off
    • There is an airbag control module malfunction
    • When ESC is restricted or switched off


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