Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Rear Doors


 Overview - Door

1 - Door Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Door, Removing and Installing". 2 - Bolt 45 Nm   Note The bolt is a fitting bolt so it is

 Door, Removing and Installing

Removing - Disconnect the door connector from the B-pillar. Refer to → Electrical Equipment; Rep. Gr.97; Connectors.   Note Secure the B-pillar in the area of the door

 Door, Adjusting

Special tools and workshop equipment required Gauge - Gap Adjustment -3371- Door Adjustment Template -T40038 /16- Check the Height Adjustment using the Door Adjustment Template -T40038 /1


 Fastening and unfastening safety belts

Fig. 60 Belt buckle and belt latch Fig. 61 Releasing the belt buckle from the belt latch Fastening the safety belt Pull the safety belt by the belt buckle evenly across your chest and lap. Insert the belt buckle in the belt latch belonging to the seat until it audibly engages fig. 60. Pull

 Release Cable, Removing and Installing

Release Cable Coupling - Remove clips -1- and lift the release cables -8- and -9- on both sides toward the hood latches. - To remove the coupling -2-, release the retainers -arrows- on the front of the lock carrier -3- and push them to the rear out of the bracket. - Eng

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