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Audi Q3: General, Technical data

Repair Information

Wire Routing and Securing

When loosening or removing and installing hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical lines, draw sketches or take pictures. This will ensure they are installed in their original positions.

Contact Corrosion

Contact corrosion can occur if incorrect fasteners (bolts, nuts, washers, etc.) are used.

For this reason, only fasteners with a special surface coating are installed.

In addition, rubber or plastic parts and adhesives are made of non-conductive materials.

If there are doubts as to whether parts can be reused, use new parts. Refer to the Parts Catalog.


  • The use of original replacement parts is recommended, they are tested and are compatible with aluminum.
  • The use of Audi accessories is recommended.
  • Damage due to contract corrosion is not covered under warranty!

Adhesive Tape Surfaces

  • The vehicle must be at room temperature before the installation of self-adhesive cover, door seal molding, etc. when using adhesive tape.
  • The adhesive surfaces on the body must be free of dirt and grease.
  • Clean the adhesive surfaces using Cleaning Solution -D 009 401 04-.
  • Apply Bonding Agent -D 355 205 A2- on the surface on the body side using the Applicator -D 009 500 25- and let dry.
  • Warm the adhesive areas to approximately 40 ℃ (104 ºF) using a hot air blower.
  • After installing the covers with adhesive tape, use a roller and press the adhesive tape one more time to make sure it is on securely.
  • After that, pull on the adhesive tape by hand just to make sure it is on.

Secured Bolted Connections

Bolts secured by a "microencapsulated screw" must be replaced, and the threaded holes must be cleaned with a corresponding thread tap.


     Body Front

     Lock Carrier

    Overview - Lock Carrier 1 - Lock Carrier Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Lock Carrier, Removing and Installing". 2 - Bolt 4.5 Nm 3 -&nbs


    Overview - Fender 1 - Bolt 8 Nm Quantity: 2 2 - Lower bracket For the fender Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Fender, Removing and Installing


     Select destination

    Applies to: vehicles with navigation system Fig. 129 Menu: select destination Opening a menu Applies to: MMI: Press NAVIGATION on the home screen. If the map is displayed, press fig. 128. The following functions are available: Last destinations Favorites Contacts Received destination

     Dimming the mirrors

    Manual dimming rearview mirror Pull the lever on the bottom of the mirror back. Automatic dimming rearview mirror The interior and exterior mirrors dim automatically when light shines on them, for example from headlights on a vehicle behind you. WARNING Applies to: vehicles with automatic di

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