Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Sitting correctly and safely


 Correct passenger seating position

General information As the driver, you are responsible for making sure every passenger is sitting correctly in their seat and maintaining this seating position while driving. Make sure that: Every

 Front seats

General information Make sure that: You can press the pedals down completely while your legs are slightly bent. The distance between your upper body and the steering wheel or instrument panel is

 Rear seats

General information WARNING To reduce the risk of an accident, only adjust the seat when the vehicle is stationary. Be careful when adjusting the seat. Unsupervised or careless seat adjustment co


 Modular Wiring Routing with Corrugated Tube

Opening the corrugated tube and removing the individual wire   WARNING Follow all safety precautions when working with pyrotechnic components. Refer to → Chapter "Pyrotechnic Components Safety Precautions". Before handling pyrotechnic components (for example, disconnectin


Overview - Bulkhead 1 - Gasket for Plenum Chamber To remove, pull forward off the body flange. Mount the seal on the foam piece -arrows- and then push it onto the flange on the body. Mount the seal on the opposite side on the foam piece and push it onto the flange on the bod

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