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Audi Q3: Sitting correctly and safely

Audi Q3 2018-2024 Owner's Manual / Starting and driving / Sitting correctly and safely


 Correct passenger seating position

General information As the driver, you are responsible for making sure every passenger is sitting correctly in their seat and maintaining this seating position while driving. Make sure that: Every

 Front seats

General information Make sure that: You can press the pedals down completely while your legs are slightly bent. The distance between your upper body and the steering wheel or instrument panel is

 Rear seats

General information WARNING To reduce the risk of an accident, only adjust the seat when the vehicle is stationary. Be careful when adjusting the seat. Unsupervised or careless seat adjustment co


 Cooling system

Coolant The engine cooling system is filled with a mixture of purified water and coolant additive at the factory. This coolant must not be not changed. The coolant level is monitored using the indicator light. However, you should occasionally check the coolant level. Messages The following messag

 Tire pressure

Fig. 156 Driver's side B-pillar: tire pressure label Fig. 157 Tire pressure label The correct tire pressure for tires installed at the factory is listed on a label. The label is located on the B-pillar (driver's side) fig. 156, fig. 157. Use the tire pressure specified for a normal vehicle load

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