Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Additional safety belt functions

Belt retractor lock

The safety belts on the rear seats and on the front passenger seat are equipped with a belt retractor lock.

  • If you secure a child safety seat with a safety belt, the belt retractor lock on the safety belt may need to be activated. Follow the instructions from the child safety seat manufacturer.
  • When a vehicle passenger has fastened a safety belt, the belt retractor lock should not be activated.

    If the belt retractor lock has been activated unexpectedly, deactivate it

Deactivating or activating the belt retractor lock.

Safety belt retractor

The safety belts are equipped with an automatic belt retractor. This automatic retractor allows the safety belt to be pulled all the way out when the belt is pulled slowly. However, the automatic retractor locks during sudden braking maneuvers.

It also locks the belts when accelerating, driving uphill, and driving around curves.

Belt force limiter

Safety belts with belt force limiters reduce the force placed on the body by the safety belts during a collision.

Safety belt pretensioners

In certain driving situations, safety belts may be tightened with reversible belt tensioners when you start driving. If the safety belt is too loose, it will be tightened so that the belt will rest closer to the body.

In some collisions, pyrotechnic belt tensioners may secure the safety belts so that they cannot loosen. This reduces forward movement by the vehicle passengers.


The pyrotechnic system can only provide protection during one collision. If the pyrotechnic belt tensioners deploy, the pretensioning system must be replaced by an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility.


Smoke may be released when pyrotechnic belt tensioners deploy. This is not a sign of a vehicle fire.


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