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Audi Q3: Securing unused safety belts on the rear bench seat

Audi Q3 2018-2023 Owner's Manual / Starting and driving / Sitting correctly and safely / Securing unused safety belts on the rear bench seat

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 68 Rear bench seat: securing unused safety belts

If a child safety seat is used on the rear bench seat, the child must not be able to reach any safety belts that are not being used. Secure safety belts that are within reach of the child.

  • If you secure a child safety seat to the LATCH anchors, fasten the safety belt on the seat where the child safety seat is installed using the seat's safety belt latch.
  • If you secure a child safety seat to one of the outer seats, fasten the safety belt for the center seat in its latch.
  • Activate the belt retractor lock on the fastened safety belts. To do this, pull the upper belt out completely and then allow it to retract. You will hear a clicking sound while the belt is retracting.

    It will not be possible to pull the safety belt out any farther.

  • Make sure the fastened safety belt does not block access to the LATCH anchors. Otherwise, it may not be possible to secure the child safety seat to the LATCH anchors correctly.


A child in a child safety seat could play with the unused safety belts and then become entangled in them, which increases the risk of fatal injury. Always secure unused safety belts so that they are not within reach of children in child safety seats.


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