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Audi Q3: Fastening and unfastening safety belts

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 60 Belt buckle and belt latch

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 61 Releasing the belt buckle from the belt latch

Fastening the safety belt

  • Pull the safety belt by the belt buckle evenly across your chest and lap.
  • Insert the belt buckle in the belt latch belonging to the seat until it audibly engages fig. 60.
  • Pull on the belt to make sure that the belt is securely locked in the latch.

Unfastening the safety belt

  • Press the red button on the belt latch fig. 67.

    The belt buckle will pop out.

  • Guide the belt back by hand so that the safety belt can roll up more easily.

Safety belt monitoring system

- if the indicator light turns on or flashes, a front safety belt is not fastened or it has been un fastened while driving. There may be additional audible warning signals.

Adjusting the height of the safety belt

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 62 Belt height adjustment for the front seats - safety belt relay

  • To move the belt higher, slide the safety belt relay 2 upward.
  • To move the belt lower, press the release button 1 and slide the safety belt relay 2 downward.
  • To check if the safety belt relay is securely locked in place, pull firmly on the belt.


You can also adjust the height of the front seats to change the position of the safety belts.


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