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Audi Q3: Correct safety belt positioning

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 58 Lap/shoulder belt positioning

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 59 Safety belt positioning for pregnant women

Fastened safety belts only offer optimal protection during an accident and reduce the risk of serious injury or death when they are positioned correctly. Furthermore, the correct safety belt position holds the vehicle occupant in place so that a deployed airbag can provide maximum protection. Therefore, always fasten the safety belt and make sure it is positioned correctly fig. 58.

To ensure the safety belt is positioned correctly, make sure of the following points:

  • The lap portion of the safety belt must be located across the lap.
  • The shoulder portion of the safety belt must rest over the center of the shoulder.
  • The safety belt must always rest flat and securely on the body.

For pregnant women, the safety belt must rest evenly across the chest and as low and flat as possible on the lap, so that no pressure is applied to the lower abdomen. This should be done throughout the entire pregnancy fig. 59.


Incorrect safety belt positioning can cause serious injury in the event of an accident or during sudden braking or driving maneuvers.

  • Never drive with the backrest reclined extremely far. The more the backrest is tilted back, the greater the risk of injury due to the safety belt being routed incorrectly.
  • The safety belt itself or a loose safety belt can cause serious injuries if it shifts onto soft areas of the body, such as the stomach.
  • The shoulder portion of the safety belt must lie over the center of the shoulder and chest, and never under the arm, behind the back, or across the neck or face.
  • The lap portion of the safety belt must lie across the lap and never over the stomach.
  • The safety belt must lie flat and securely on the upper part of the body and the lap.
  • The belt webbing must not be pinched or twisted, or rub against sharp edges.
  • If the safety belt height is set incorrectly and/or the safety belt is routed incorrectly, then the safety belt's protective function will be impaired in the event of an accident.

    Make sure the safety belt is at the right height and is routed correctly for the passenger using it.

  • A safety belt that is too loose may lead to injuries during an accident, because your body will move farther forward due to kinetic energy and will be stopped abruptly by the belt.
  • Heavily bulky, loose clothing (for example, a coat over a sports jacket) may prevent the seat and safety belts from functioning correctly.
  • Do not position the safety belt over hard or breakable objects (such as glasses, pens, etc.).
  • The lap belt portion of the safety belt must sit as low as possible on the lap of pregnant women and lie flat under the belly.


Make sure that there are no hook-and-loop fasteners or sharp objects such as zippers or rivets on clothing in the area where the safety belt is worn. Otherwise, the safety belt could be damaged.


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