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Audi Q3: Side Windows

Overview - Rear Side Window

Audi Q3. Overview - Rear Side Window

1 - Side Window

  • Pull or unclip the roof trim molding in the area of the side window from the clip.
  • Window glass removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Rear Side Window, Removing and Installing".
  • When installing a new window, first press it into the "D-pillar" with the securing pin and then insert the whole thing into the window opening and let the securing pin lock into the "C-pillar".
  • If a window without a securing pin was removed and is being installed again, then secure the window to the inside the window opening with tape.

2 - Locking Pin

  • No replacement part
  • Is cut through when removing window.

3 - Adhesive Bead

  • Apply directly near the molding.

4 - Roof Trim Molding

  • unclip around the side window

5 - Molding

  • No replacement part
  • Must not be damaged in field of vision.

6 - Side Panel Trim Molding

  • Removing and installing. Refer to → Chapter "Trim Molding, Removing and Installing".

7 - Clip

Rear Side Window, Removing and Installing

Undamaged Rear Side Window, Removing


In the window cutting area, protect the side panel and roof against paint damage with adhesive tape.

- Remove the trim strip. Refer to → Chapter "Trim Molding, Removing and Installing".


Roof trim molding must not be bent.

- Route the cutting wire -1- around the side window as shown in the illustration.

- Secure ends X and Y in two pull grips from Bonded Window Tool Kit -VAG 1351-.

- Pull cutting wire forward in direction of arrow -A- using light sawing motions and cut through lower adhesive sealing material at side panel and at roof frame.

- In this way, first the securing pin on the rear of the window and then the adhesive bead are cut through.

- Then pull cutting cord through in direction of arrow -B- downward through adhesive sealing material.

- Remove window from window opening.

Audi Q3. A64-10422

Damaged Rear Side Window, Removing

- Protect body and interior from glass splinters.

- Bond flange all around with fabric reinforced adhesive tape.

- Remove glass pieces from adhesive material.


When removing a window, always wear protective eyewear and leather gloves.

- Cut through the adhesive sealing material (with glass residue) in the from window opening using Window Cutter - VAG1561A- and Cutting Blade, Bent at Right Angle - VAG1561/10-

Rear Side Window, Installing

- Installing. Refer to → Chapter "Bonded Window Glass Installation Instructions".

- Prepare the new window for installation. Refer to → Chapter "New Window Glass, Preparing for Installation".

- Prepare the undamaged window for installing. Refer to → Chapter "Undamaged Window Glass, Preparing for Installation".

- Prepare the body flange for installation. Refer to → Chapter "Body Flange, Preparing for Installation".


1K Window Adhesive -DH 009 100 03- (small cartridge) is recommended when bonding a single window 2K Window Adhesive Kit -D 004 660 M2- is recommended when bonding more than one window.

- First press the new window onto the "D-pillar" with the securing pin, then insert it into the window opening and push the securing pin onto the "C-pillar".

- On windows without a securing pin, align the window lengthwise to the edge on the side panel -arrow- and then insert it into the cut-out for the window.

- Secure window in window opening with adhesive tape.

- Observe the minimum curing time. Refer to → Chapter "Minimum Curing Time for Bonded Windows".

Audi Q3. A57-10468


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