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Audi Q3: Parking aid plus

Activating and deactivating

Applies to: vehicles with parking aid plus

Parking and maneuvering
Fig. 111 Center console: parking aid button

General information

The parking aid assists when parking and maneuvering by providing warnings about obstacles. If the ultrasonic sensors on the vehicle fig. 88 detect an obstacle, the system will provide audio and visual warnings.

Activating and deactivating

Requirement: the vehicle speed must be under approximately 6 mph (10 km/h).

  • Press the button in the center console.

    When activating, a brief tone will sound and the LED in the button will turn on.

Automatic activation

  • The system activates automatically when reverse gear is engaged while the engine is running.

If Automatic activation is switched on in the MMI and if the vehicle approaches an obstacle when driving forward at speeds below approximately 6 mph (10 km/h), the parking aid will activate automatically.

Audible signals will sound once the obstacle is within the sensor detection area.

  • Applies to: MMI: To switch Automatic activation on or off, select on the home screen: VEHICLE > Parking aid > Automatic activation.

Automatic deactivation

The distance indicator for the parking aid plus will deactivate automatically when driving forward faster than approximately 6 mph (10 km/h).


Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.


Keep enough distance from the curb to avoid damage to the rims.


If the parking aid is deactivated, it can only be reactivated automatically when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The vehicle speed exceeds 6 mph (10 km/h)
  • The ignition is switched off and back on again
  • The parking brake is set and then released
  • The "P" selector lever position is engaged and released again


Applies to: vehicles with parking aid plus

Parking and maneuvering
Fig. 112 Center display: distance display

If the sensors detect an obstacle, audible and visual signals will warn you.

Visual warnings

The visual warnings in the center display help you to detect the critical vehicle area and to estimate the distance to an obstacle.

Red segments 1 show detected obstacles that are in your vehicle's path. The red lines 2 mark the expected direction of travel based on the steering angle. A white segment 3 indicates a detected obstacle that is outside of the vehicle's path. The closer your vehicle comes to the obstacle, the closer the segments will move to the vehicle.

The collision area has been reached when the next to last segment is displayed. Obstacles in the collision area, including those outside of the vehicle's path, are shown in red. Do not continue driving farther.

Audio signals

The closer your vehicle gets to a detected obstacle, the shorter the time between the audible signals.

A continuous tone sounds when an obstacle is less than approximately 1 foot (0.30 m) away from the front or rear of the vehicle. A continuous tone sounds when an obstacle is less than approximately 0.7 feet (0.20 m) away from the sides of the vehicle. Do not continue driving forward or in reverse.

  • To deactivate audio signals when parking or exiting a parking space, press in the center display.

    The audio signals will be automatically activated again the next time the parking aid is activated.

Adjusting the volume

You can adjust the volume to your preferences.

The settings depend on the vehicle equipment.

  • Applies to MMI: Select on the home screen: VEHICLE
  • Parking aid, or
  • Press in the center display when the parking aid is active.

Possible settings:

Front volume - Volume for the front and side area.

Rear volume - Volume for the rear area.

Entertainment fader - The volume of the audio/ video source is lowered when the parking aid is activated.

Error messages

If appears, the sensor in the respective area or the speaker is faulty. Drive immediately to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility to have the malfunction repaired. The LED in the : button may also flash when the system is activated.

If or is displayed when there is a malfunction, the parking aid functions may be unavailable or may be limited.

A message that indicates the cause and possible solution may appear with some displays. The weather conditions may be too poor or a sensor may be covered. Clean the area in front of the sensors and try to turn on the systems again later.

If the malfunction remains, drive to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility immediately to have the malfunction corrected.


  • Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.
  • Sensors and cameras have spots in which the surrounding area cannot be detected.

    Objects, animals, and people may only be detected with limitations may not be detected at all. Always monitor the traffic and the vehicle's surroundings directly and do not become distracted.


  • Keep enough distance from the curb to avoid damage to the rims.
  • Applies to: vehicles with park assist: If you park in short parking spaces using park assist, a continuous tone will sound from the parking aid when the distance to an object is less than approximately 0.7 feet (0.20 m).

    Do not continue driving farther.


  • The segments in the side area are detected and analyzed when passing. If you switch the ignition off and on again or open the door, or if the vehicle is stationary for a period of time, the surrounding area may have changed in the meantime. In this case, the area will appear black until the area has been detected and evaluated.
  • If the distance to an obstacle remains constant, the volume of the distance warning gradually lowers after a few seconds until it is muted (this does not apply to the continuous tone). If the obstacle comes closer than it was before the sound was muted, the tone will sound again. If the obstacle becomes farther away than it was before the sound was muted, no tone will sound. Pay attention to the vehicle's surroundings when you start to drive.
  • There is no distance warning for the rear and the sides when trailer towing mode is detected. The front sensors remain activated.

    The visual display switches to trailer mode. There is no guarantee the functions will be deactivated when using a retrofitted trailer hitch.


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