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Audi Q3: Hinges, Removing and Installing

Audi Q3 (8U) 2011-2018 Service Manual / Body / Body Exterior / Hood, Lids / Hinges, Removing and Installing

Audi Q3. Hinges, Removing and Installing

1 - Hood Hinge

  • Removing
    • Before removing a hood hinge, support the hood or secure it against falling.
    • Remove the gas-filled strut. Refer to → Chapter "Gas-Filled Strut, Removing and Installing".
    • Unclip and remove the cover from the lid hinges.
    • Remove the bolts -6- and nuts -5-.
  • Installing
    • Align with the markings -arrows- in reverse order.

2 - Cover

3 - Hood

4 - Threaded Pins

5 - Nut

  • 25 Nm

6 - Bolt

  • 21 Nm

7 - Fender Flange

Insulation, Removing and Installing

Audi Q3. Insulation, Removing and Installing

1 - Clip

2 - Insulation

  • Installation:
    • Slide the insulation over the tabs on the rear edge into the holes provided on the inner panel.
    • Slide the tabs on the front edge and the sides into place.
    • The clips must engage audibly when pressing in.

3 - Hood

Gas-Filled Strut, Removing and Installing


- Support the lid or secure it against falling.

- Using a small screwdriver, lift the securing spring -arrow- slightly and remove the gas-filled strut -1- from the upper ball stud -2-.

- Repeat procedure on lower ball stud.



After complete removal of the gas-filled strut ensure correct positioning during installation: the gas-filled strut tube must be attached on the lid side.

- Press gas-filled strut onto ball stud and engage.

Audi Q3. A55-10323

Gas-Filled Strut, Releasing Gas

- Clamp gas-filled strut in a vise in area -x- = 50 mm.


  • Clamp only within this area, otherwise accidents could occur!
  • Wear protective eyewear when sawing.


Cover area of sawn portion with a rag to absorb oil spraying out.

- Cut through the gas-filled strut cylinder within the first third of the overall cylinder length using the piston rod end of the cylinder as a reference point.

Audi Q3. A55-10158


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