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Audi Q3: Sunroof Seals, Removing and Installing

Audi Q3 (8U) 2011-2018 Service Manual / Body / Body Exterior / Sunroof / Sunroof Seals, Removing and Installing

Installing the Panel Seal


Spray the seal with soapy solution to make the installation easier.

- Align the seal in the center to the panel and push it into the both front guides.

Audi Q3. A60-10448

- Press the seal -1- into the guides on the panel -2-.

- Only remove the seal -3- after removing the panel "2"

- Remove the frame -4- to the side.

Audi Q3. A60-10446

Replace the Panorama Roof Seal

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Roller -3356-


  • Remove adhesive residue on body if necessary.
  • Clean the adhesive surfaces on the vehicle body with Cleaning Solution -D 009 401 04-.
  • Adhesion surfaces must be free of dust and grease.
  • Heat the adhesive surface and seal to 40º C before bonding.
  • After installing the seal, press it with the Roller -3356-.

- Remove both sunroof panels before removing.

- Remove the seal -1- from the side body flange.

- Remove the remaining adhesive if necessary, and clean the body flange.

- First remove the protective film from the adhesive tape on the rear side and press the seal and the joint on the rear vehicle center (pay attention to the marking).

- Press seal in the front rounded areas.

- Press on seal on the front side.

- Press seal on the long sides, and if necessary, evenly to prevent any excess length.

- Press on the surrounding seal with the Roller -3356-.

Audi Q3. A60-10290

Sunroof Shade, Removing and Installing

Sunroof Shade, Removing and Installing


- Completely open the sunroof shade.

- Frame and panel "2" removed.

- Remove the motor for the sun shade.

- Release the left bow from the yoke and push in the direction of the arrow.

Audi Q3. A60-10497

- Pry the bow on the opposite side upward from the yoke and pull it sideways off the cloth strip.

Audi Q3. A60-10498

- Push the retainer -arrow- to the side with a small screwdriver and unlock it.

- Slide the coupling plate -1- slightly forward off the cable.

Audi Q3. A60-10288

- Pull back the sun shade material -3- and remove the bolt -2- from the cover -1-.

- Push aside the catch -arrow- with a small screwdriver as shown and release the cover.

Audi Q3. A60-10495

- Pry up the rear cover in the direction of the -arrow- and pull the shade with the tensioning strap rearward from the frame.

Audi Q3. A60-10496


- Install in reverse order of removal.

- Carefully push the sun shade material -1- rearward in the rail piping channel -2-.

Audi Q3. A60-10354

Sunroof Shade Cable, Replacing

- Sunroof frame removed.

- Roof Shade Control Module -J394- removed.

- Remove the sunroof shade bow.

- Sunroof frame removed.

- Pull the cable to the rear and out of the frame.

- When installing, make sure the plates are parallel.

Adjust the parallel movement of the cables.

  • When installing, the new cables must be adjusted parallel to each other.

- Install the cables on both sides of the frame.

  • Install the sunroof shade.

- Install the cover -1- and tighten the screw.

- Push the cables on both side all the way on the cover -1- until stop and install the Roof Shade Control Module -J394-.

Audi Q3. A60-10477

- Engage the sun shade tensioning strap -3- in the cable yoke -2-.


The illustration is shown from below.

  • Rail = 1 removed.

- Perform an adaptation. Refer to → Chapter "Motor Adaptation".

Audi Q3. A60-10499

Adjusting, Neutral Position for Cable

- Remove the sunroof panel and the Power Sunroof Control Module -J245-.

- For correct adjustment the markings on the slotted guide rail guide -1-, and the belt -2- with the recess on the frame -arrow- must line up.

Audi Q3. A60-10503

Sunroof Shade Motor, Removing and Installing

- Remove the headliner. Refer to → Body Interior; Rep. Gr.70; Roof Trim; Headliner, Removing and Installing.

- Disconnect the connectors.

- Remove the three screws. Refer to -item 1- and remove the motor from the frame.

- After installing, perform an adaptation. Refer to → Chapter "Motor Adaptation".

Motor Adaptation


In order for the Panorama sunroof to work correctly after the motor has been removed/installed or replaced, perform an adaptation.


  • Adapting the Power Sunroof Control Module -J245- can only be performed with the cover installed, there is a risk of damage.
  • After replacing the Power Sunroof Control Module - J245- or Roof Shade Control Module -J394-, a coding and adaptation must be performed using the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester via the Guided Functions in Guided Fault Finding under diagnostic address 19.


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