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Audi Q3: Rear Lid Seal, Removing and Installing

Audi Q3 (8U) 2011-2018 Service Manual / Body / Body Exterior / Hood, Lids / Rear Lid Seal, Removing and Installing

Audi Q3. Rear Lid Seal, Removing and Installing

1 - Rear Lid

2 - Rear Lid Seal

  • To remove, remove seal from body flange.
  • When installing, align the seal with the joint -arrow- with the marking in the center of the vehicle.
  • Beginning at the seam, press the seal all around onto the body flange.

3 - Body Flange

Gas-Filled Strut, Removing and Installing

Audi Q3. Gas-Filled Strut, Removing and Installing

1 - Gas-Filled Strut


  • After completely removing gas-filled strut, ensure correct position when installing.
  • Noise insulation element must be engaged in rear lid side.
  • Open and support the rear lid when removing.
  • Using screwdriver, lift retaining spring -2- as shown and remove gas-filled strut -1- from upper ball head pin -3-.

2 - Rear Lid

3 - Ball Stud

  • 21 Nm


Should the ball head pin have to be removed or adjusted, then replace it.

4 - Locking Spring

  • Refer to → Fig. "Unlocking the Locking Spring"To remove the gas-filled strut, slightly lift the retaining spring -arrow- with a small screwdriver.


Install in reverse order of removal while noting the following:

- To install push the gas-filled struts with a light rotational movement on the ball stud.

Unlocking the Locking Spring

- Remove retaining spring -2- with small screwdriver -1- and disengage gas-filled strut-3- , that can finally be removed from ball stud.

Audi Q3. A55-10792


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