Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Overview - Sunroof

Audi Q3. Overview - Sunroof

1 - Panorama Roof Frame

  • Removing. Refer to → Chapter "Sunroof Frame, Removing and Installing".

2 - Seal

  • Open the panel "1" completely and remove the seal.
  • When installing, first position is on the front side, then push it to the rear under the panel "2" and press it all the way around onto the flange.

3 - Wind Deflector

  • Removing. Refer to → Chapter "Wind Deflector, Removing and Installing".

4 - Panel "1"

  • Removing. Refer to → Chapter "Panel 1 for the Panorama Roof, Removing".

5 - Panel Seal

  • Removing. Refer to -item 3-.

6 - Panel "2"

  • Removing. Refer to → Chapter "Panel 2 for the Panorama Roof, Removing".

7 - Bolt

  • 3 Nm

8 - Bolt

  • 7 Nm

Overview - Sunroof Shade

Audi Q3. Overview - Sunroof Shade

1 - Bow

2 - Sunroof Shade Cable Coupling Plate

  • Can only be replaced with the cable.
  • Removing, refer to → Chapter "Sunroof Shade Cable, Replacing"

3 - Cable Cover

4 - Bolt

  • 1 Nm

5 - Sunroof Shade

  • Removing, refer to → Chapter "Sunroof Shade, Removing and Installing"
    • Remove the side rail from the material for the sunroof shade.

6 - Panorama Sunroof Frame


     Sunroof Frame, Removing and Installing

    1 - Bolt 3 Nm 2 - Power Sunroof Control Module -J245-. Performing the adaptation procedure. Refer to → Chapter "Motor Adaptation". 3 - Bolt

     Glass Panel, Removing and Installing

    Panel 1 for the Panorama Roof, Removing   Caution Do not move or operate the already removed panel otherwise it may become damaged.   Note If the screws for the panel mounting wer

     Sunroof Seals, Removing and Installing

    Installing the Panel Seal   Note Spray the seal with soapy solution to make the installation easier. - Align the seal in the center to the panel and push it into the both front guid


     General information

    You can operate many functions in the vehicle easily using voice commands. Using the voice operation system effectively Speak clearly and distinctly at a normal volume. Speak louder when driving faster. Emphasize the words in the commands evenly and do not leave long pauses. To reduce backgrou

     Using the Audi phone box

    General information Applies to: vehicles with Audi phone box/Audi phone box light Fig. 123 Front center console: Audi phone box with connections Depending on vehicle equipment, you may be able to use the following functions with the Audi phone box: Make phone calls using the vehicle's exterior a

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