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Audi Q3: Multi Media Interface

Traffic safety information

Audi recommends only using certain Infotainment system functions while the vehicle is stationary, such as entering a destination or pairing a mobile device. Always be prepared to stop operating the Infotainment system in the interest of your safety and the safety of other road users.


  • Only use the Infotainment system when road, traffic, weather, and visibility conditions permit and always in a way that allows you to maintain complete control over your vehicle.
  • This also applies to operating your mobile device via the MMI. Do not allow the visual or audio signals from a mobile device to distract you from traffic, because this increases the risk of an accident.


Certain functions are not available while driving.

Switching on or off

Switching the MMI on or off

  • To switch the MMI off, press and hold the volume knob, fig. 20 until all Infotainment functions are switched off.
  • To switch the MMI on, press the volume knob.

Restarting the MMI

  • Press and hold the volume knob for at least 10 seconds.

Switching the center display on or off

  • To switch the center display off, press in the notification center.
  • To switch on the center display, touch the display.


You can display and operate Infotainment system and vehicle functions using the touch display in the Multi Media Interface, abbreviated MMI.

Configuration wizard

After starting for the first time, the configuration wizard helps you to set up the vehicle, for example to set the desired system language and connect a telephone.

  • Follow the instructions in the center display.
  • Applies to: MMI: To access the configuration wizard at a later time, select on the home screen: HELP > Configuration wizard.

Tool tips

You can have tool tips displayed if necessary.

They introduce various MMI functions to you.

  • Applies to: MMI: To open the tool tips, select on the home screen: HELP > Tool tips > Basic information or Expert information.
  • Follow the instructions in the display.


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