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Audi Q3: Status display

Touch display
Fig. 15 Center display: frequently used symbols in the status bar

The symbols in the status bar show you information at a glance, such as if a mobile device is connected or if there is a data connection. The most common symbols are listed in the table.

  1. There is a data connection. The bar indicates the signal strength of the data connection.
    Data is being transmitted now.
  2. There is a data connection. The bar indicates the signal strength of the data connection.
    No data is being transmitted now.
  3. A mobile device is connected. The bar indicates the signal strength of the cell phone connection.
  4. There is no data connection.
  5. An error occurred with the mobile device connection to the MMI.
  6. A user is selected. If a question mark appears in the symbol , the guest user is active.
  7. A Bluetooth device is connected.
  8. Bluetooth is switched on, but no Bluetooth device is connected.
  9. Audio playback was interrupted.
  10. The audio source is muted.
  11. Privacy settings are enabled. The additional symbol indicates which privacy settings are currently activated.

Notification center

Touch display
Fig. 16 Center display: notification center

Notifications can be displayed in the center display.

They will be hidden after a certain period of time and a symbol for them will appear in the status bar 6  fig. 14. In the notification center, you can view these notifications 3 fig. 16, apply quick settings 2, and operate functions 1.

Using the notification center

  • To open the notification center, pull the status bar downward, or
  • Press the button on the status bar.
  • To turn quick settings on or off, press the respective symbol 1.
  • To apply quick settings, press the respective symbol 2.
  • To obtain additional information about a notification, press it.
  • To delete a notification, pull it toward the right edge of the screen.
  • If there are more than four notifications in the notification center, the older notifications will be hidden. To display the older notifications, drag your finger upward on the screen.

Setting which content is displayed

You can set whether some notifications should be displayed.

  • To set the displayed content, press , or
  • Applies to MMI: Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > Notifications.
  • Select and confirm which notifications should be displayed.

Operating functions

Depending on the vehicle equipment, the following functions can be operated in area 1:

Press: switches the center display on or off / Press and hold: switches screen clearing mode on or off

Opens the garage door opener function

Applying quick settings

Depending on vehicle equipment, the following quick settings may be available in area 2:

Apply sound settings

Manage connected devices

Manage users

Set displayed content in the notification center

Set date and time


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