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Audi Q3: Text input

Touch display
Fig. 17 Center display: text input diagram with MMI Navigation plus 1/ MMI Radio plus 2


In the input fields of the various menus, you can enter letters, numbers, and characters, for example to find a contact in the directory. The text input display 1 or 2 depends on the vehicle equipment.

The text that is currently entered is displayed in the center display 3. Depending on the context, suggestions will be given based on the characters already entered 4 and results will be displayed 5 or 6.

Opening text input

  • Tap inside the input field 3.

Switching input languages

Requirement: multiple input languages must be defined in the MMI.

  • To switch between the defined input languages, press the button 7.

Switching the input methods

  • To switch between handwriting input or the onscreen keyboard, press the button 8.

Entering text

  • Applies to: the on-screen keyboard: To enter text, press the buttons on the keyboard. Depending on the usage context, you may also be able to swipe over the letters.
  • Applies to: handwriting input: To enter text, simply write in the input area using one finger 9. You can write the separate characters next to each other or one on top of the other without having to move your finger over after writing a character. When you end the entry, the writing is interpreted by the system.
  • Applies to: the on-screen keyboard with an input language that uses accented characters: To enter accented characters (such as , , , ), press and hold a character that has accented versions available and select the desired accented character.
  • Applies to: handwriting input: To enter a space, drag a line from left to right in the input section 9.
  • To select a location in the text input, press on the desired location in the input field. You can control the location more accurately using the slider in the display 10.
  • To delete individual characters, press 11, or
  • Applies to: handwriting input: Drag a line from right to left in the input section 9.
  • To delete multiple characters, press and hold 11.
  • To delete all characters at a specific location, press and hold 11 and drag up to the desired location. When released, the highlighted characters are deleted.

Accepting suggestions

  • To accept a suggestion 4, press on it.

Selecting entries from the results list

  • Applies to: MMI Navigation plus: To enlarge the results list 5, press the button 12 or pull it toward the left.
  • Applies to: MMI Radio plus: To view the results list, press the button 6, 12, or 13.
  • To select an entry from the results list, press on it.
  • To display more content in the results list, drag your finger upward or downward on the screen.

Setting the input language or keyboard layout

  • Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > Language & keyboard > Keyboard.
  • To define additional input languages, press the button.
  • To change the keyboard layout for an input language, press >. For example, you can select between QWERTZ and QWERTY.


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