Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: General information

You can operate many functions in the vehicle easily using voice commands.

Using the voice operation system effectively

  • Speak clearly and distinctly at a normal volume.
    Speak louder when driving faster.
  • Emphasize the words in the commands evenly and do not leave long pauses.
  • To reduce background noise, close all openings, such as doors and windows. Make sure that passengers are not speaking when you are giving a voice command.
  • Do not direct the vents toward the hands-free microphone, which is in the roof headliner near the front interior lights.
  • Only the driver should speak to the system, because the handsfree microphone is aimed toward this seating position.


  • Direct your full attention to driving. As the driver, you have complete responsibility for safety in traffic. Only use the functions in such a way that you always maintain complete control over your vehicle in all traffic situations.
  • Do not use voice operation in emergencies because your voice may change in stressful situations. The system may take longer to dial the number or may not be able to dial it at all. Dial the emergency number manually.


There are no voice guidance prompts when a dialog is active.


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