Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Mechanical Components


 Overview - Front Brakes

Overview - Front Brakes, 1LJ 1ZD Brakes 1 - Bolt 12 Nm 2 - Brake Rotor Allocation, refer to the Parts Catalog. Dimensions, refer to → Chapter "Brakes

 Front Brake Caliper Balance Weight

Depending on the model for each brake caliper two vibration dampers are installed. 1 - Bolt 10 Nm Replace after each removal. 2 - Vibration Damper Installed 2 on

 Front Brake Pads, Removing and Installing

Brake Pads, Removing and Installing, 1LJ, 1ZD Brakes If old brake pads are being replaced with new ones, then it is necessary to check the brake rotor thickness for wear. Pay attention to the wear


 Vehicle Alignment

Axle Alignment Information Wheel alignment must only performed using VW/Audi-approved wheel alignment equipment. Each time wheels are aligned, both front and rear wheels must be aligned. Otherwise, proper vehicle drivability cannot be ensured. Otherwise centering of toothed shaft cannot be g

 Rear Brake Caliper

Overview - Rear Brake Caliper 1 - Brake Caliper Pre-bleed brake caliper after repairing, refer to → Chapter "Hydraulic System, Pre-Bleeding". 2 - Bolt 35 Nm Replacing Self-locking When loosening and tightening, counter-hold at guide pin 3 

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