Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Cup holders

Applies to: vehicles with cup holders

Storage and convenience
Fig. 69 Front center console: cup holders

Storage and convenience
Fig. 70 Rear center armrest: cup holders

Cup holders in the front center console

  • Set your beverage in the holder 1.

Cup holders in the rear center armrest

  • Fold the center armrest downward.
  • To open the cup holder, tap on the button 2.
  • To close the cup holder, fold the cover back until it clicks into place.


  • Do not put any hot beverages in the cup holder while the vehicle is moving. Hot beverages could spill, which increases the risk of injury.
  • Do not use any breakable beverage containers (for example, made out of glass or porcelain).

    You could be injured by them in the event of an accident.


Beverage containers in the cup holders should always have a lid. Otherwise, the liquid inside could spill and cause damage to vehicle equipment.


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