Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Folding the outer backrests

Applies to: vehicles with folding backrests

Storage and convenience
Fig.72 Rear bench seat: loop

The rear seat backrests can be folded forward either separately or together.

Observe the safety precautions.

  • If necessary, slide the rear bench seat back.
  • To fold the backrest forward, pull the strap 1 in the direction of the arrow. The backrest will swing forward.
  • Fold the backrest forward until it locks into place.
  • To fold the backrest back, pull the strap 1 in the direction of the arrow again.
  • Fold the backrest backward until it locks into place.

Folding the center armrest

Applies to: vehicles with folding center armrest

Storage and convenience
Fig.73 Center backrest: release button

Observe the safety precautions.

  • To fold the center backrest forward, press the release button 1.
  • After the transport, fold the center backrest up until it locks into place.

Tie-downs and cargo net 1)

Storage and convenience
Fig. 74 Luggage compartment: location of the tie-downs

Storage and convenience
Fig. 75 Luggage compartment: luggage compartment net stretched out

Observe the safety precautions.


There are tie-downs 1 in the luggage compartment to secure pieces of luggage and objects.

  • Use the tie-downs to secure the cargo.

Cargo net 1)

Applies to: vehicles with cargo net

Light objects can be secured in the luggage compartment using the cargo net 2.

  • Unfold the bracket for the front tie-downs.
  • Insert the hooks on the cargo net into the tie-downs.

1) In certain countries.


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