Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Summary



Fig. 1 Cockpit Door handle Central locking switch Air vent with thumbwheel Lever for: Turn signals and high beams High beam assistant Lane departure warning Lane guidance Multifun

 Indicator lights overview

Description The indicator lights in the instrument cluster blink or turn on. They indicate functions or malfunctions. Some warning and indicator lights turn on when you switch the ignition on and mus

 Display and operation



Connecting a mobile phone via Bluetooth Applies to: vehicles with telephone Requirement: the vehicle must be stationary and the ignition must be switched on. The Bluetooth settings must be open on your mobile device during the connection setup. The mobile device to be connected must not be actively

 Rear Brake Caliper, Replacing

Brake Caliper, Replacing, Brakes 1KU   Note In the following description the brake caliper is removed and replaced without the brake carrier and pads. The brake hose is removed. Should the brake pads also be replaced, the parking brake must be adjusted back, refer to → C

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