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Audi Q3: Overview - Brake Booster/Master Brake Cylinder

Audi Q3 (8U) 2011-2018 Service Manual / Chassis / Brake System / Hydraulic Components / Overview - Brake Booster/Master Brake Cylinder


Brake master cylinder and brake boosters can be replaced independently of one another.

Audi Q3. Overview - Brake Booster/Master Brake Cylinder

1 - Heat Shield

2 - Nut

  • 25 Nm
  • Always replace if removed
  • Self-locking

3 - Sealing Plug

  • Coat with brake fluid and press into brake fluid reservoir

4 - Bolt

  • 5 Nm

5 - Brake Fluid Reservoir

  • Removing and installing, refer to → Chapter "Brake Fluid Reservoir, Removing and Installing".

6 - Seal

7 - Cap

8 - Grommet

9 - Brake Booster

  • Functional check:
    • With engine switched off, depress brake pedal firmly several times (to exhaust the vacuum in the unit).
    • Depress and hold brake pedal with average foot pressure and start engine. If brake booster is working properly, pedal will be felt to give noticeably under foot (booster assistance becomes effective).
  • Disconnect from brake pedal, refer to → Chapter "Brake Pedal, Removing from Brake Booster".
  • Removing and installing, refer to → Chapter "Brake Booster, Removing and Installing".

10 - Seal

  • For brake booster

11 - Nut

  • Tightening specification and sequence, refer to item -2-.

12 - Seal

  • Replace after removing

13 - Bolt

  • 5 Nm

14 - Brake Lamp Switch -F-/Brake Pedal Switch -F63-

  • Removing and installing, refer to → Chapter "Brake Lamp Switch, Removing and Installing".

15 - Brake Master Cylinder

  • Cannot be serviced
  • If malfunctioning: replace as complete unit.
  • Removing and installing, refer to → Chapter "Brake Master Cylinder, Removing and Installing".

16 - Rubber Buffer


     Brake Lamp Switch, Removing and Installing

      Note The Brake Lamp Switch -F-/Brake Pedal Switch -F63- is installed in the brake master cylinder. Removing Audi RS Q3: - Remove the air filter housing, refer to → Engine

     Brake Master Cylinder, Removing and Installing

    Special tools and workshop equipment required Brake Charger/Bleeder Unit -VAS5234- Sealing plugs from Repair Kit -1H0 698 311 A- Removing - Remove the brake fluid reservoir,

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