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Audi Q3: Global functions

Additional function buttons

Additional function buttons
Fig. 19 Right side of the multifunction steering wheel

Additional function buttons
Fig. 20 Volume knob with joystick function

Adjusting the volume

You can adjust the volume of an audio source or a system message (for example, from the voice recognition system) when the sound is playing.

  • To raise or lower the volume, turn the right thumbwheel 3 fig. 19 upward or downward, or turn the volume knob fig. 20 to the right or left.
  • To mute, push the right thumbwheel or the volume knob.

Selecting the previous/next track or station

  • Press the 4 or briefly press the volume knob to the left or right.

Fast forward/rewind

  • Press and hold the button 4, or press the volume control to the left or right until the desired playback position is reached.

Quick access steering wheel button

Depending on vehicle equipment, the button 5 may provide quick access to various functions.

  • button.

You can program the button with various functions.

  • To bring up the function that is currently set, press the button.
  • To perform the function that is currently set, press and hold the button, or:
  • Applies to MMI: Select on the home screen: VEHICLE > Settings & Service > Steering wheel button assignment.
  • Select and confirm the desired function.

Switching voice operation on or off

button 2.

Using the telephone functions

button 1.


Adjust the volume of the audio system so that signals from outside the vehicle, such as police and fire sirens, can be heard easily at all times.


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