Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: External voice operation

Applies to: vehicles with external speech dialog system

You can access and control the voice operation on a connected mobile device through your vehicle.

Switching external voice operation on or off

Requirement: the ignition and the MMI must be switched on. A cell phone must be connected to the MMI with the Handsfree profile.

The mobile device being connected must have voice control that can be controlled externally.

There must be no phone calls in progress and the parking aid must not be active.

  • To switch on the external voice operation, press and hold the button longer on the multifunction steering wheel.
  • To switch off the external voice operation, press and hold the button longer on the multifunction steering wheel or press Cancel.

Using external voice operation

  • Say the desired command after the signal tone.
  • To reactivate voice recognition when it is paused, press the button briefly on the multifunction steering wheel or press Resume.


Audi simply provides access to control your cell phone with voice operation and does not take any responsibility for the contents and commands within the external voice control.


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