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Audi Q3: Roof rack

General information

Applies to: vehicles with roof rack mount

Storage and convenience
Fig. 77 Roof rail: mounting points

If luggage or cargo is to be carried on the roof, you must observe the following:

  • These roof racks are the basis for a complete roof rack system. Only roof racks that are suitable for your vehicle may be used. Audi recommends roof racks and attachments from the Audi Genuine Accessories program.
  • Make sure the roof rack is mounted on the vehicle only at the specified locations 1.
  • Note the permitted axle load, permitted total weight, and permitted roof load of your vehicle. The roof load is the total of the weight of the roof rack, the attachments and the cargo you are carrying. However, you must also note the permitted load of the carrier system being used.


  • Follow the installation instructions provided with the roof rack system. If you do not secure the roof rack system and objects on the roof correctly, they could come loose from the vehicle and cause an accident.
  • The risk of an accident increases when using a roof rack system, because it changes the driving characteristics by shifting the center of gravity and/or the increasing the surface area exposed to wind. You may need to adapt your driving style and speed to the current conditions.


Make sure that the luggage compartment lid and the panoramic glass roof do not come into contact with objects on the roof when they are open.

For the sake of the environment

Energy usage will increase because of the increased wind resistance. Remove the roof rack when you are no longer using it.


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