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Audi Q3: Vision

Adjusting exterior mirrors

Lights and Vision
Fig. 42 Driver's door: knob for the exterior mirrors

Turn the knob in the driver's door to the desired position:

- Deactivates all adjustment functions.

- Selects the left or right exterior mirror.

To adjust the mirror glass in a mirror, press the knob in the desired direction.

- Heats the mirror glass depending on the outside temperature.

- Folds the exterior mirrors. To fold the mirrors out, turn the knob to one of the other positions.

In the MMI, you can select if the mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the vehicle.

Front passenger's exterior mirror tilt function

Requirement: the knob must be in the position for the front passenger's exterior mirror.

The mirror surfaces tilt slightly when reverse gear is selected to provide a better view, for example of the edge of the curb.

You can adjust the mirror surface by turning the knob in the desired direction.

The mirror moves from the reversing position back to the original position:

  • When you switch the ignition off
  • When you drive forward at speeds faster than 9 mph (15 km/h)
  • When the knob is no longer in the position for the front passenger exterior mirror


Curved mirror surfaces (for example convex) enlarge the field of vision. However, they make objects in the mirror appear smaller and farther away. When using these mirrors to estimate your distance to vehicles behind you when changing lanes, you could estimate incorrectly, which increases the risk of an accident.


  • Applies to: vehicles with power folding exterior mirrors: If the mirror housing was moved by outside forces (such as an impact when maneuvering), you must use the power folding function to fold the mirror all the way out. The mirrors will make a loud noise when they latch into place. The mirror housing must not be moved back into place by hand because this could impair the function of the mirror mechanism.
  • Applies to: vehicles without power folding exterior mirrors: If the mirror housing was moved by outside forces (such as an impact when maneuvering), you must move it back in place by hand.
  • If you wash the vehicle in an automatic car wash, you must fold the exterior mirrors in to reduce the risk of damage to the mirrors.

    Never fold power folding exterior mirrors by hand. Only fold them in and out using the power controls.


If the power adjusting function malfunctions, the glass in both mirrors can be adjusted by pressing on the edge of it by hand.


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