Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Tire Requirement and Maintenance



This revised information should supplement the knowledge and experience you already have. With this information, we want to help you make as clear and certain a statement as possible concerning t

 Tire Requirements

A - Wet braking behavior B - Comfort C - Steering precision D - Driving stability E - Tire weight F - Service life expectancy G 

 Tread Depth, Measuring

Tread Depth, Measuring   Note When measuring tread depth, take measurements in the main grooves. Do not measure on the TWI (tread wear indicator). Tread depth of a tire must be meas


 Front Brake Caliper Balance Weight

Depending on the model for each brake caliper two vibration dampers are installed. 1 - Bolt 10 Nm Replace after each removal. 2 - Vibration Damper Installed 2 on each brake caliper Removing and installing, refer to → Chapter "Damper, Removing and Inst

 Starting and stopping the engine automatically

Applies to: vehicles with Start/Stop system The system checks if certain conditions are met before and during the Stop phase, and determines if the engine stops and how long it remains stopped. For example, if power usage is high, the engine will not be stopped. Along with other conditions, the foll

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