Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Special Tools

Special tools and workshop equipment required

  • Bearing Installer - Wheel Hub/Bearing Kit -T10205-
  • Torque Wrench 1332 40-200Nm -VAG1332-
  • Hydraulic Press -VAS6178-
  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic Foot Pump -VAS6179-
  • Hydraulic Press - Bushing Tool Kit -VAS6779-
  • Shock Absorber Set -T10001-

Audi Q3. W00-11171

  • Tensioning Strap -T10038-
  • Tripod Joint Tool -T10065-

Audi Q3. W00-11193

  • Locating Pins -T10096-

Audi Q3. W00-11623

  • Engine/Gearbox Jack Adapter - Wheel Hub Support -T10149-

Audi Q3. W00-11475

  • Drive Axle Wedge Tool -T10161-

Audi Q3. W00-11646

  • Wishbone Rubber Mount Assembly Tool -T10219-

Audi Q3. W00-10026

  • Socket AF 24 mm -T10361A-

Audi Q3. W00-11509

  • Puller - Driveshaft -T10382-
  • Hose Clip Pliers -VAG1275A-

Audi Q3. W00-11628

  • Torque Wrench 1331 5-50Nm -VAG1331-
  • Torque Wrench 1331 Insert - Ring Wrench - 16mm -VAG1331/12-

Audi Q3. W00-11166

  • Torque Wrench 1332 Insert - Ring Wrench - 18mm -VAG1332/10-
  • Clamping Pliers -VAG1682A-

Audi Q3. W00-0953

  • Spring Compressor Kit - Spring Tensioner -VAG1752/1-

Audi Q3. W00-0500

  • Spring Compressor Kit - Spring Retainer w/Inserts -VAG1752/4-

Audi Q3. W00-0668

  • Digital Torque Wrench -VAG1756A-

Audi Q3. W00-10682

  • Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931-

Audi Q3. W00-11607

  • Press Plate -VW401-

Audi Q3. W00-11356

  • Press Plate -VW402-
  • Press Piece - Rod -VW408A-

Audi Q3. W00-11418

  • Press Piece - Rod -VW411-

Audi Q3. W00-11420

  • Press Piece - Multiple Use -VW412-
  • Press Piece - 37mm -VW416B-

Audi Q3. W00-11421

  • Press Piece - Multiple Use -VW426-

Audi Q3. W00-0141

  • Press Piece - Guide Pin -VW439-
  • Press Piece - Multiple Use -VW447H-

Audi Q3. W00-11411

  • Slide Hammer Set -VW771-

Audi Q3. W00-11119

  • Puller - Ball Joint -3287A-

Audi Q3. W00-11622

  • Spreader Tool -3424-

Audi Q3. W00-0413

  • Pry Lever -80-200-

Audi Q3. W00-11156


     Rear Suspension

     Overview - Subframe

    Overview - Subframe, Vehicles with FWD   Caution There is a risk of damaging the subframe threaded connection threads on the body. The subframe bolts on the body must not be loosened

     Subframe, Removing and Installing

    Subframe, Removing and installing, FWD Vehicles Special tools and workshop equipment required Locating Pins -T10096- Torque Wrench 1332 40-200Nm -VAG1332- Engine and Gearbox Jack -VAS6931-



    Description Electromechanical steering supports the driver's steering movements by electronically adapting the power steering depending on the vehicle speed. The settings depend on the selected Audi drive select mode. Progressive steering Applies to: vehicles with progressive steering The driving dy

     Privacy notice

    You can find information about responsibility for data protection in the MMI. Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: SETTINGS > General > Legal notes > About Audi connect. Image recording Surrounding area monitoring Applies to: vehicles with surrounding area monitoring Some vehicle fu

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