Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Snow chains

Snow chains improve both driving and braking in winter road conditions.

  • Only install snow chains on the front wheels.
  • Check and correct the seating of the snow chains after driving a few feet, if necessary. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Note the maximum speed of 30 mph (50 km/h). Observe the local regulations.

Use of snow chains is only permitted with certain rim/tire combinations due to technical reasons.

Check with an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility to see if you may use snow chains.

Use fine-mesh snow chains. They must not add more than 0.40 inch (10.5 mm) in height, including the chain lock.

You must remove the snow chains on roads without snow. Otherwise, you could impair driving ability and damage the tires.


Using incorrect snow chains or installing snow chains incorrectly can result in loss of vehicle control, which increases the risk of an accident.


Snow chains can damage the rims and wheel covers if the chains come into direct contact with them. Remove the wheel covers first.

Use coated snow chains.


When using snow chains, it may be advisable to limit the ESC.

Low-profile tires

Applies to: vehicles with low-profile tires

Compared to other tire/rim combinations, low-profile tires offer a wider tread surface and a larger rim diameter with shorter tire sidewalls.

This results in an agile driving style. However, it may reduce the level of comfort and increase road noise when driving on roads in poor condition.

Low-profile tires can become damaged more quickly than standard tires when driving over large bumps, potholes, manhole covers, and curbs. Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain the correct tire pressure.

To reduce the risk of damage to the tires and rims, drive very carefully on poor roads.

Check your wheels regularly every 2,000 mi (3,000 km) for damage. For example, check for bulges/cracks on the tires or deformations/ cracks on the rims.

After a heavy impact or damage, have the tires and rims inspected or replaced immediately by an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility.

Low-profile tires can wear out faster than standard tires.


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