Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Care and cleaning


 General information

Regular, proper care helps to maintain your vehicle's value. It can also be a requirement when submitting warranty claims for corrosion damage and paint defects on the body. The required cleaning and

 Cleaning and care information

When cleaning and caring for individual vehicle components, refer to the following tables. The information contained there is simply recommendations. For questions or for components that are not list

 Do It Yourself


 Automatic luggage compartment lid

Applies to: vehicles with automatic luggage compartment Fig. 30 Luggage compartment lid: 1 closing button, 2 lock button (vehicles with convenience key) The luggage compartment lid can be opened and closed automatically. Opening the luggage compartment lid When the ignition is switched off, press

 Manual shifting

Fig.82 Center console: shifting manually with the selector lever Fig. 83 Steering wheel: shift paddles You can shift the gears manually when in "D" mode. The transmission must be in tiptronic mode. Shifting with the selector lever You can shift into manual shifting mode while the vehicle is statio

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