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Audi Q3: Climate control system


One of the following options may be available, depending on vehicle equipment:

  • A deluxe automatic climate control system with two zones to individually adjust temperature and air distribution for the left and right front sides 1)
  • A deluxe automatic climate control system with three zones where the temperature and air distribution can be adjusted separately on the left and right front sides, and the temperature can be adjusted separately in the rear

The climate control system warms, cools, dehumidifies, and filters the air in the vehicle interior.

It is the most effective when the windows and, depending on vehicle equipment, the roof are closed. If there is a build-up of heat inside the vehicle, ventilation can help to speed up the cooling process The deluxe climate control system automatically maintains a temperature once it has been set. In all heating mode functions except defrost, the blower only switches to a higher speed once the coolant has reached a certain temperature.

Active combination filter

When the fan is running, the filter will reduce particulate matter and the concentration of pollen, as well as odors in the interior.


  • To prevent interference with the heating or cooling output and to prevent the windows from fogging over, the air intake in front of the windshield must be free of ice, snow, and leaves.
  • Condensation from the cooling system can drip and form a puddle of water under the vehicle. This is normal and does not mean there is a leak.
  • The energy management system may temporarily switch off certain functions, such as the seat heating or rear window defogger.

    These systems are available again as soon as the energy supply has been restored.

1) In certain countries.


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