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Audi Q3: Manual shifting

When driving
Fig.82 Center console: shifting manually with the selector lever

When driving
Fig. 83 Steering wheel: shift paddles

You can shift the gears manually when in "D" mode. The transmission must be in tiptronic mode.

Shifting with the selector lever

You can shift into manual shifting mode while the vehicle is stationary or while driving.

  • To switch to manual shifting mode, tilt the selector lever toward the front passenger's side fig. 82. "M" will be displayed in the instrument cluster.
  • Upshifting: push the selector lever forward (+).
  • Downshifting: push the selector lever toward the rear (-).
  • To switch back to automatic mode, tilt the selector lever toward the driver's side.

Shifting with the shift paddles

Applies to: vehicles with shift paddles

  • Upshifting: press the (+) shift paddle fig. 83.
  • Downshifting: press the (-) shift paddle.
  • To switch back to automatic mode, press and hold the (+) shift paddle or push the selector lever toward the rear.

If you stop using the shift paddles temporarily, the transmission will switch back to automatic mode. To keep shifting manually, tilt the selector lever toward the front passenger's side.


  • The transmission only allows manual shifting when the engine speed is within the permitted range.
  • The transmission automatically shifts up or down before critical engine speed is reached.


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