Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Emissions control system

General information


The temperature of the exhaust system is high, both when driving and after stopping the engine.

  • Never touch the exhaust tail pipes once they have become hot. This could result in burns.
  • Do not park your vehicle over flammable materials such as grass or leaves because the high temperature of the emissions system could start a fire.
  • Do not apply underbody protectant in the exhaust system area, because this increases the risk of fire.

Catalytic converter

Observe the safety precautions.

The vehicle may only be driven with unleaded gasoline, or the catalytic converter will be destroyed.

Never drive until the tank is completely empty.

The irregular supply of fuel that results from that can cause engine misfires. Uncombusted fuel could enter the exhaust system, which could cause overheating and damage to the catalytic converter.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)

If the indicator light blinks or turns on, there is a malfunction related to emissions which can, for example, cause poor emissions quality and damage to the catalytic converter. Drive slowly to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility to have the malfunction corrected.

The indicator light can also turn on if the fuel filler cap is not closed correctly.


     Engine compartment

    General information Special care is required if you are working in the engine compartment For work in the engine compartment, such as checking and filling fluids, there is a risk of injury, scalding,

     Opening and closing the hood

    The hood is released from inside the vehicle. Fig. 144 Footwell: release lever Fig. 145 Unlocked hood: lever Observe the safety precautions. Make sure the wiper arms are not raised up from the winds

     Engine oil

    If the engine oil level is too low Fig. 147 Engine oil sticker Engine oil viscosity Engine oil standard If you need to add engine oil, use an oil that meets the engine oil standard listed on the


     Spare tire

    Removing the subwoofer Applies to: vehicles with subwoofer The subwoofer must be removed before the spare tire/temporary spare tire can be removed. Fig. 166 Spare tire well: subwoofer Removing the subwoofer Pull out the red connector lock 1. Remove the connector 2 and set the disconnected cable

     Status display

    Fig. 15 Center display: frequently used symbols in the status bar The symbols in the status bar show you information at a glance, such as if a mobile device is connected or if there is a data connection. The most common symbols are listed in the table. There is a data connection. The bar indicat

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