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Audi Q3: Camera-based traffic sign recognition

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Applies to: vehicles with camera-based traffic sign recognition

Camera-based traffic sign recognition
Fig. 92 Instrument cluster: traffic sign recognition

The traffic sign recognition shows the traffic signs detected by the front camera in the instrument cluster display. Data from the navigation system is also included in the display. By evaluating the data, applicable legal speed limits will also be displayed for roads that have no speed limit signs. Up to three traffic signs can be displayed at the same time. The speed limit that is currently applicable is displayed in the status line.

Within the limits of the system, restrictions 1 may be displayed under the following conditions

A speed limit applicable in wet conditions is detected and the windshield wipers are running.

  A speed limit applicable in fog is detected and the fog lights or all-weather lights are switched on.

  The detected time for a speed limit matches the time displayed in the instrument cluster.

Within the limits of the system and depending on the market, additional symbols 1 that indicate speed limits in school zones, highways, construction zones, or at night may be displayed.


The traffic sign recognition is subject to certain system limitations and may be unavailable or only partially available in the following situations:

  • When visibility is poor, such as in snow, rain, fog, or heavy spray
  • When there is glare, for example from oncoming traffic or the sun
  • At high speeds
  • If the camera's visual field is covered, for example by dirt or stickers. For information on cleaning
  • If the traffic signs are completely or partially covered, for example by trees, snow, dirt, or other vehicles
  • If traffic signs do not conform to the standard format
  • If traffic signs are damaged or bent
  • If traffic signs are displayed on sign holders with electronic signs
  • If the traffic signs or the roadways have changed, and the navigation data is no longer up-to-date


  • Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.
  • Under some circumstances, traffic sign recognition may not detect traffic signs correctly or detect them at all. As a result, the system may not display the correct speed limit or any speed limit.


  • Traffic sign recognition does not adapt your vehicle's speed to match the speed limit.
  • The display in the instrument cluster is based on the units of measurement used for speed in the country where the vehicle is being operated. As a result, the display 50 in the instrument cluster can mean either km/h or mph, depending on the country.


Applies to: vehicles with camera-based traffic sign recognition

Accessing traffic sign recognition

  • Select in the instrument cluster: vehicle functions tab > Traffic signs.

Setting a traffic sign based speed warning

  • Applies to: MMI: Select on the home screen: VEHICLE > Driver assistance > Speed warning.

You can select a warning threshold. If you exceed this, then the current detected speed limit will be shown in the display with an exclamation point for the duration that it is exceeded and it will blink for a short time.


Applies to: vehicles with camera-based traffic sign recognition

The following messages may appear depending on the vehicle equipment:

Traffic sign recognition: unavailable. Camera view limited due to environm. conditions

The camera's visual field is covered. Clean the windshield.

Traffic sign recognition: currently limited.

See owner's manual

This message appears if navigation system data is not available, for example on newly-constructed roads. The speed limit display will be temporarily limited, which increases the risk of an incorrect display. If this message continues to appear, drive immediately to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility to have the malfunction repaired.

No traffic sign information available

Depending on the area, there is no valid navigation data and no speed limits were detected. This may also appear if there is a recommended speed, but no speed limit (for example when driving on and off the expressway).

Malfunction! See owner's manual

The system may not function correctly so it has been switched off. See an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility for assistance.

Function currently unavailable. See owner's manual

If this message appears on vehicles without camera-based traffic sign recognition, then the traffic light information function is currently unavailable.


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