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Audi Q3: User management

Applies to: vehicles with user management

Opening user management

Applies to: MMI

  • Press USERS on the home screen.

Selecting a user

Applies to: MMI

  • Press on the desired user.
  • Enter the 4-digit myAudi PIN, if necessary.

Adding myAudi users

Applies to: MMI and Audi connect

Requirement: you must have successfully registered at and have created a 4-digit myAudi PIN.

  • Press Add user.
  • Press Log in now to log in with your myAudi credentials.
  • Follow the system instructions.

To transfer existing destinations from the MMI to your myAudi account time, confirm the system prompts with Yes.

Adding a local user

Applies to: MMI

  • Press Add user.
  • Press Initiate setup.
  • Press Local user.
  • Follow the system instructions.

Editing users

Applies to: MMI

Requirement: the user must be selected and that user's settings must be loaded.

  • Press on the user.

Depending on the user type, available options may include the following.

PIN protection: when this function is switched on, the 4-digit myAudi PIN must be entered before any settings for this user can be loaded.

Remove the user from the vehicle: the user will only be deleted in the vehicle from the list in the MMI.

Removing users

Applies to: MMI

  • Select on the home screen: Users > > one or more entries > Delete. The user will only be deleted from the list in the MMI. The authorizations for the user in the vehicle (such as key user) will not be removed.


  • The guest user cannot be renamed.
  • When changing users, the new user settings are loaded in the vehicle.
  • If a user has the symbol, PIN protection is active. To switch off PIN protection, you can edit the user.
  • Depending on the country, you may be able to use an Audi app or


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