Audi Q3 Owners & Service Manuals

Audi Q3: Individual settings

Applies to: vehicles with Audi drive select

The equipment in your vehicle will determine which settings you can adjust.


The drive system will react to accelerator pedal movement more quickly or in a more balanced manner. The shift points are located in higher or lower engine speed ranges on vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Depending on the equipment, certain driver assistance systems can also become more sporty or efficient.

Depending on the setting, the drive power will be distributed via the All Wheel Drive to be more sporty or moderate.


The power steering will adapt. Light steering is suitable for long trips on highways or smooth driving around curves, for example.


The suspension adjusts to be tighter or more comfort-oriented when it comes to compensating for uneven spots on the road.

Engine sound

The engine sound adapts and can be subtle to sporty. In the automatic setting, the engine sound depends on the selected driving program.



    Adaptive dampers Applies to: vehicles with suspension control The adaptive dampers are an electronically-controlled damping system. The firmness of the suspension will adapt to the driving conditions


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